El Nino Speaks 82: Dating as the Art of WarListen now (50 min) | Nuclear Caudillo comes on El Nino Speaks again to explain how dating resembles war.
Ron DeSantis might not be the answer to the US's foreign policy problems.
El Nino Speaks 81: Build a Dating System That Works for YouListen now (57 min) | Is your dating in life in need of a shakeup? Relationship expert Fort Worth Playboy explains how adults males of all age…
El Nino Speaks 80: Exposing Gun Control Myths Listen now (45 min) | Researcher Alexander Adams provides an evidence-based approach to pro-Second Amendment advocacy.
El Nino Speaks 79: Delusions of the Globalist American Empire Listen now (61 min) | Nebojša Malić returns to El Nino Speaks to talk about the latest developments on the international stage
The Republican-Democrat uniparty isn’t happy with Ukraine it seems. No, they aren’t happy that not enough people are dead, or with the number of bombs…
Babies without present fathers, raised by mother’s who had to bury dead brothers. But Lori Lightfoot didn’t care. Gunshots near the playground, near the…
El Nino Speaks 78: The Harsh Realities of Dating in 2023Listen now (75 min) | Nuclear Caudillo explains how much the dating landscape has changed over the last decade.
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